Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Springs brings new life

Alright, So i forgot to mention last week that this coming week was Transfers and therefore I would not be able to email till Tuesday. But here I am and last night I received some good news.

I'm Staying Another Transfer!!

It came as much relief as I was not quite ready to leave this area. I feel like now I've built enough trust with the members and our current investigators that we'll be able to make leaps and bounds in working with them. Now I just have to work on my scheduling dilemmas So that I can effectively and efficeintly see all the people I need to in a week and still go out tracting occasionally.

I'm so jealous that there is so much snow back home! Out here we are well into spring. The apple and peach trees are all in bloom. The Grass is growing and all manner of flower and plants are popping up. Things are finally starting to turn beautifully green. I never used to think that we had endless winters back home. It was at least 20 here part of yesterday. Its cooled down now as a storm has brought along some moisture but that should blow by soon enough.

So remember Jason and Kim? The couple I told you all about back in December... We'll they got baptized Saturday morning! Wanna know something even cooler? I was the one who got to baptize them!! They asked me last monday evening if I would do it for them. I was so honoured that they wanted me to be the one. They are such an awesome couple and Jason and I have become quite close. Kim should be having a baby soon as well! The Lord has truly helped them along there journey. Though they've struggled in many ways since I've known them, its so clear how every time they had challenges, the Lord poured out blessings and they've done better than they ever expected. It was really cool to me also because it helps build my testimony that the Gospel of Jesus Christ really does bring happiness and peace. It really works! My purpose as a missionary helps people find those things better than anything else In the world I could be doing. What greater work is there than this? Hopefully I can fix some camera issues so you can see the pictures.

This past weekend was Also General Conference. I can't believe I never got this excited about it back home. I was always anxious to listen but this time I feasted over every word. I loved the Prophets talk on Temples. I made sure every time I heard him give advice I wrote it down. While most of it seemed to be the same message, (Pray always, Study the scriptures, attend the temple often, etc) Only now do I realize how vital these things are. There is so much in just those simple and small commandments that can lead to great blessings. These last few days I was listening to a talk in the Car about Evidences of the Book of Mormon. It was about the historical and archeological findings that support what the book of Mormon Says, and they are not few. But what was even more impressive to me was how in depth the explanation of certain passages were. I've read those passages hundreds of times but many of those things had not occurred to me. There is an endless amount of study that can be done. There is no way possible to ever learn it all. At a surface level you can learn all that you need in order to Come unto Christ. But the details and hidden treasures within the pages are always there waiting to be found. So exciting!

Well This week I can't wait to get some good hard work done. We've got plans to see a family tonight that a Member has invited us over to visit with. They exercised faith in trying to find someone to teach and its well paid off. So pray for us not to mess this one up! haha and with that I'll wish you all well till next week 

Elder Sunada

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