Monday, April 11, 2011


Elder Conger IS supa Gansta. He had to buy this suit.
Elder McKee and I have become good friends as well.
He's the Salem Elder that I've mentioned.
Sadly he's gone to somewhere in West Virginia now.

They Found these suits at a place called Suit City.
 You know the Creamsicle orange and baby blue suit that were in Dumb and Dumber?
Well these guys have suits like that... and worse.
The reason why you'll never see suits like this at home is because we don't have near enough black people. No joke, Hommies Legit come in and buy dope suits to look phat with their Boiys.


 Don't worry, I'm still cool too.

Elder Stoker Wanted me to sign a book for him in case he left.
The sisters had some pretty cool stuff on the pages they made for him.
I was feeling tired of being artistically out done by the "Relief Society"
so I'm pretty confident we bested them on this one.
It was themed after President Monsons Priesthood talk so its legit.


Things are starting to turn pretty Green out here.
Lots of trees in blossom and the Grass in Green.
A few more weeks and the rest of the trees should be green as well.


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