Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Hey Everyone!

I hope A great Easter was Had by Everyone Yesterday! I sure had a great time.

We got to sing in Both Ward choirs. Because our schedule during the week was so crazy we were only able to make it to one Rehersal, that being the warm up just prior to singing in church! Ahh Crazy! But we pulled it off and I think it sounded awesome. I really miss singing in a group. Back when Mrs. Wood Pulled me into choir I never thought I'd say that but I hope I'll get to sing with people for years to come.

I also had to give a lesson in Gospel Principles class. I figured the only one that was really suiting for the occasion was the Atonement. A tough topic which I don't know If I'll Ever be fully prepared to share with anyone but The Lord guided me and It actually went quite well! Then We were invited over for supper at the Christley's. It was crazy cause there were like 40+ people there, all of whom were either direct family or first cousins. I ate wayyy to much food but it was so good! All home Cooked southern awesomeness. Then We helped the older kids hid eggs for the younger ones. The Wards have been awesome in including us to things so it feels like we have a family out here. We've also been able to visit a lot of people who invited us into their homes and we've been able to have great Easter messages with everyone!

This week We also went to a viewing of a member who passed away. Brother Ferguson was always really good to us. He'd give us rides and meals anytime we needed them and was always so happy to have us over. He was so Good and faithful and served as a strong example for his family.

Later in the week we also visited the hospital to see Jason and Kims New baby Boy!! Brandon was born weighing 8 pounds and 1 ounce. A pretty cute little guy. They are so excited to have him as part of their family now as most of their family lives far aways.

Well I'm out of time for this week but I'll try to fill you all in more later!

Much Love,
Elder Sunada

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