Monday, April 11, 2011

Phat like a Doughboy‏

I have some sad news.  Last week when I was trying to send some pictures I discovered that they'd all been accidentally deleted when I tried to reformat my camera card...So I've lost all my photos since the MTC...a bit of a demoralizer... I had some way sweet pics! And some awesome memories that are now in oblivion. But I'm trying to salvage what I can by asking other elders around to help replace some of the pictures I lost (such as Jason and Kim's Baptism) Elder Pendleton Also made copies of most of my pictures before he left so Hopefully I'll be able to get some back that way. Needless to say I was pretty bummed out most of last Monday. Elder McKee tried to comfort me by telling me there no use crying over spilt milk. I had to agree. There was nothing that I could do but move on. Still I was in a state of Grievance.

Luckily Heavenly Father knew just what I needed to get me back to normal. That night a member had invited us and some of their Friends over for dinner with the intention that after we'd eaten we would teach the Family a bit. This is a Missionaries dream. We were able to teach a great lesson to a new family without it being awkward or difficult. The members bore their testimony and I think at least the Mother and the Daughter were really feeling the spirit. Teaching a good lesson instantly makes me feel great. No matter whats gone wrong in the day if we teach a lesson and the spirit is there nothing else matters after that and I can walk away with a smile knowing that I'm fulfilling my purpose and doing what I need to do in life.

In other Exciting news I went to Court for the first time ever!!! OK ok I wasn't actually called upon. Elder Conger was subpoenaed (<---editing help?) to be a witness in our accident case. And because it was a kid who hit us we even went to a Juvenile court! I was having a sweet time. Coming out of the court room I exclaimed "That was fun, Lets do this more often!" I got some looks from some gloomy looking kids and their not so impressed parents waiting their turn to appear before the judge. It was Awesome.

And besides all that it was a pretty normal week. We are making good progress with Both Crawford and Emery. I'm hoping to get at least 1 more baptism out of this area before I leave. Tonight is yet again Empty Nesters. I'm starting to be able to sing along to the songs. Which is funny to me but I'm glad.

People are dumbfounded when i tell them there's 10 inches of snow back home this time of year. I would love some snow. Its like 70+F(+20C) degrees here. Ridiculous right? Well I guess I should just enjoy it instead of complain about how nice it is haha.

Elder Sunada

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