Monday, August 1, 2011


Oh man I ate too much Chinese food too quickly today. The reason why I'm doing emails kinda late is because we went with the L1 Elder To Appomattox today. Its a town in there area which was were Gen. Lee surrendered with the Confederate army to the union and ended the war. It was pretty neat because up till now I haven't been able to stop and spend anytime in Civil war sites. This is a pretty important one so I was pretty stoked. A member from their area, Bro. King, took us and gave us a bit of a guided tour, then took us out to Chinese for lunch. We stopped by his place for a little while and showed us his Dairy goats. We got Some Cheese and Feta!! I'm excited to go home and eat some more later on. Anyways that's been my P-day so far. 
Sunday was a busy day for us in Church. It being a branch and the 5th Sunday of the Month it automatically designates us for giving talks in Sacrament meeting. I was a little worried for Elder Bolan Because he informed me that the longest talk he'd ever given was 7 mins. That was his Farewell talk. Our assignment was for 20+mins and he was to go first. So I was a little worried he was going to hang me out to dry but He did a good job and was able to pull up a solid 18 mins. I also kicked myself for sending home some of my previous talks that I've given. I could have saved them and improved upon them instead of rewriting them. I've learned. But we got through that well and I did an ok job of winging a Sunday school Lesson. Then we tried to go out and visit a bunch of less actives in Hurt, a little town on the northern edge of our area. I think we tried 7 or 8 houses and no one was home. Lame. Its always a little frustrating when you think you've got lots to do then it all fizzles out and you have to make plans on the fly. But we did alright. We finally got to the Covingtons, who fed us well and sent us on our way to Lynchburg. 
Earlier this week we had our first interviews with President Pitt!! It was awesome to be able to spend some time with him and his wife and get to know them a little better. He's also a great man, who's got a different style of doing things than Pres. Thornock but he's already gained my trust in his abilities to run the mission and to seek spiritual guidance from. It was awesome!
Oh I think I forgot to mention that a few weeks ago I had to play piano in Sacrament meeting for a musical Number. First public performance I've given since I was probably about 11 or 12. I practised as much as our schedule would allow and I did alright. I had a few more hiccups than I would have liked but I got through it and the Branch seemed to enjoy it. 
I found out today that I'll be staying in Gretna for sure for at least another transfer. It was expected anyways but Now I know for sure. they're Introducing a whole new training curriculum and they want those who are half way through training to start working on it too. So on Wednesday after our Zone Meeting we'll be heading into Roanoke again for some Train the Trainer meeting. Sadly I don't believe I'll be able to spend anytime visiting anyone there because their zone leaders will be driving us and we'll have to make it back to Gretna that night from Buena Vista. Crazy day but it should be fun. Well I think that's all the big things going on so far. 
Love you all and miss ya!!
Elder Sunada
PS.I'll try for some pictures next week.

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