Sunday, August 14, 2011

Maple Leaf District‏

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the delay on emails this week. I forgot to mention that tomorrow was transfers and thus Tuesday (today) would be emails and not Monday. But Alas here I am! 
Its been pretty crazy this last week. Lots of Driving. We had to drive to Buena Vista for a Zone meeting, and from there we piled in the back of a Malibu for another hour to Roanoke For a special training meeting. The training meeting was great! There's exciting things going on in the Missionary world. The First Presidency has just rolled out the new Unified Train the Trainer for missionaries. Its an intense program which has a very structured 12 week program to follow for all new missionaries Globally. It also includes some new hardware. We got a Portable DVD player added to our apartment! Pretty soon all missionaries will get them but seeing as we are training using the Preach my Gospel Dvds we get first dibs on the new Tech. Sadly we can't take them out of the apartments to use in our teaching but thus far its been a great tool for morning studies. Our companionship study has improved immensely. I was running out of things to go over with Elder Bolan but I knew there was so much left to cover. Now we get a full 2 hours for companionship study and we almost always run out of time on what I want to accomplish. Much more productive. New missionaries are going to be much better teachers from here on out. I wish that I had the opportunity to go through this but at least as a trainer I get to do it as well and perhaps even benefit more from it now. So that's the main bit of exciting news. I'm part of the first generation of the new training program! 
Aside from that this week we've done a lot of running around Gretna. We had some good Book of Mormon Loans tracting, which is impressive considering how few houses we knock due to mass distances between properties. Have some new investigators! Oh and on Sunday we had some great news! One of our old investigators returned from North Carolina and is working to set up a date for baptism again and Also We had another investigator in Sunday school who said she really wanted to be baptized and wanted to know right away what she needed to do in order to prepare for one! So we should finally see some baptisms lining up this upcoming Transfer! I'm pretty stoked and I know that Elder Bolan is too. I really hope that we can make things work out to get these two in the water quickly. 
I most of the Zone is transferring out which is sad because we've had an awesome Zone. I love everyone that I've worked with so far. But its kinda neat too because we'll be getting the only other Canadian Missionary currently in the mission to our district! We'll be the Maple leaf District!! I'm way excited for that. Elder Jensen is going to try to secure me a copy of  O Canada for our Next District meeting. I've had to play all of their patriotic Songs, Its time for some Canada!
We'll I'd best be running and getting everything ready for the rest of the week. I miss ya'll lots. Can't wait to see your letters in the Mail ;) 
Elder Sunada

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