Monday, August 15, 2011

Schools in Kids! hahaha

So Today as we were driving to the Library I noticed that there was an absurd amount of cars parked in the School parking lot. It baffled me for a moment until I remembered that School's back in session as of today for all of Pittsylvania County! HAHAHA Oh man I love being graduated from high school. I just had to throw that in.

Transfers were this last week. Only the zone leaders and Ourselves Stayed the same. All other areas were changed up some. So the next Zone meeting should be an interesting one. I was sad to see Elder Houghton go. We have some great plans to get together in the Future and Rock the World. Also a good deal of the elders down here have been trying to get me to think about going to Utah State University. I'm not so sure about it, but there are some pretty awesome people that I've met that are going there. I'm not sure thats enough to make me want to go but its a start. Anyways.

The rest of this week has been more of a quite one. Friday was spent mostly doing various service projects for different people. Lawn mowing, Bingo, visiting Ect. All good stuff. Oh Saturday we spent 2 hours tracting and knocked on 8 houses! Saw a lot of beautiful country side. On the Last house we knocked we stopped and talked to a man for well over an hour. He said we could come back and talk some more and we had a really great time. Sadly he's only visiting in town from Florida. So no new investigator but Heavenly Father did lead us to share the Gospel with someone. So our efforts walking miles around in the heat were not in Vain! There are many Tender Mercies that our Father in Heaven has given us. I've been reminded of a few this past week. Especially Sunday as there was a Baptism! It wasn't a missionary Baptism however, But a former member had made changes in their lives to work hard to get back into the Gospel. Seeing the changes that people will go through to feel the blessings of the Church is amazing! They were so happy being able to come out of the water again as a new person.

Well I'm going to have to Cut this one short but I'm so happy to be a missionary right now. I know the Gospel is true and its so wonderful to see if make other so happy and give people hope and comfort here.

Love Yall
Elder Sunada

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