Monday, August 22, 2011

Tiff & Josh

Hey So this Weeks is going to have to be a quick one. The Library filled up and things are way slow!! No Good! Also no pictures till next week at least. sorry!
But I'll get straight on to the good news then. We've had some really great Progress this past week with our investigators. We set a solid date for one on Sept 17th!  I'm also hoping to set another date later this week but we'll see. Its so cool to see how the Gospel changes lives. I've had a huge testimony boost of this lately. 
We had a lesson with Tiffiney and Josh. Josh hasn't been around much lately but since Tiffineys been back she's had some tremendous changes. Josh has noticed too and he really wants to change as well. It was especially cool when She bore her testimony to Josh about how happy she is now and how much her Baptism means to her. At first I was worried that Josh's interest was just so he could be with Tiff but in a later meeting we learned of his sincere desires to change and to be a better man in his life.
Tiffiney was able to make it to church this week and she looks so much different than when I first started meeting with her back in May. And no only in appearence but you can actually see that she's more peaceful and happy. Super cool! 
This week we have another Zone Meeting which means more Pres. Pitt and probably some more nifty little surprises that are going to change the mission. I'm excited to see what both he and the Lord have planned for us next! 
Great week over all. 
Miss ya'll.
Elder Sunada

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