Monday, August 29, 2011

Rumble, wind and Itch.‏

So its been an interesting week Down here in Virginia.

As some of you may have heard there was an Earthquake in Virginia! It was pretty sweet! I was in the house talking on the phone to an less active when all of a sudden I heard this mighty rumbling beneath the floor. At first I thought a large truck was maybe passing down our street or that it was the train. But after a moment it clicked that this was something bigger. Elder Bolan exclaimed "I think its a Earthquake!" and proceeded to jump in the Door Frame. It was pretty sweet though it lasted maybe 15 seconds. But there was no damage hear nor anything really major besides that all the phone lines got tied up and I couldn't make any calls for about an hour. That was a pain. But I've now been in an earthquake!!

We were also scheduled for a Hurricane to hit this past weekend. It fizzled down to nearly nothing and we Didn't get any rain here the day it was supposed to make landfall. We did go through a pretty Messed up rain/Lightening storm last Thursday driving back from Buena Vista. We had an another awesome zone conference with Pres Pitt. Mission presidents have an amazing ability to expound Doctrine! You can learn so much from their insights! On the way back we had to take it pretty slow as the rain was causing large puddles to form instantly on the Roads, but he Impreza has taken good care of us thus far.

So that Covers the Rumble and wind, But what of the Itch you may ask? Well I almost mentioned it last week but I didn't think it was very much at the time. This week I found out I got much more than I bargained for. The Wednesday before last we decided to help out a Family with some of the weeds around their house. Some of them were literally as tall as I was. So I got right in there and started lopping them down with some hedge trimmers. Then later I took everything down to the Root with a Weed wacker. I cut down a small forest enveloping their house. when I was done I looked like the Big Green Giant covered head to toe with Munched up greenery. Just like back home working on the Golf Course. Unlike the Plants of the golf course though, some of the indigenous weeds found here in the east are not very friendly... starting Friday I noticed that my arms were rather itchy and I was waking up in the night Scratching. It wasn't until Tuesday night that the real rash started appearing all over my body. small Red bumps soon turned into large clusters where the skin would turn bright red and swell a great deal. By Thursday morning we had confirmed that it was Either Poison oak or Ivy. And it was Just about everywhere on me. FUN STUFF RIGHT? Luckily I got hold of the Mission Dr. who prescribed me some Prednizone and itch cream so I've been managing much better. It still itches but the worst is by far gone. Sometimes I'm not sure about this whole East thing. They got some messed up stuff over here but I guess its still a pretty great place haha.

With all of that going on our week was slightly less productive than most. But we were able to teach 2 awesome lessons last night and we still have Tiffiney on goal for Baptism coming up! I'm stoked to end the Baptismal Drought in the Branch. And with any luck in the coming weeks we'll have a few more dates posted.

We'll I think that's all for now. I love you tons!
I love you tons more when I get mail too ;) ahah
Elder Sunada

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