Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference Weekend!!‏

Whoa, what a weekend! 

General Conference was such a blast! I love being able to listen to Apostles, Prophets and other church Authorities in hearing what they have to say to the world. I'm also proud to say that I only dozed off for a few minutes in the Sunday afternoon session, a new personal best! I probably would have been able to stick the whole thing through but the Ward decided to have a Potluck Lunch between the two sessions. Fill me with good food then stick me in a dark room and the result is inevitable, as many of my high school teachers will attest to.

Some of my favorite talks were Pres Uchtdorf's on resolving contention and forgiveness, I can't recall who but the Saturday morning session speaking on Sacrifice in our lives, and Elder Baxter's comforting words to single parents and broken families. The last one I mentioned was a message that struck me particularly because of some of the situations which I have seen in the past few weeks. I've been struggling to know how I can help families, particularly single mothers and their children, and from that talk I've been able to find new solutions and comfort. There were many other messages that struck me and that I made careful note of. My notes for this conference are also several pages longer than the notes I have for previous ones, and volumes larger than any notes I tried to take in school. Perhaps the habit will transfer back to a secular usage one day... But I have learned that if I prepare myself to listen, I'll be fed more than I otherwise would have. Each conference Just gets better!

Darn it! Fighting the Clock again. Well, just a few brief updates then. Lost my Camera. Can't seem to find it. Might go buy one today so hopefully pictures will resume here shortly. The week went by pretty well. I had a Wonderful interview with President. Much to prepare for.

Well I love you all. Glad its been a great day in the kingdom!

Elder Sunada

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