Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Season: He Is Risen

Hey Everyone!

What a great weekend it has been to be able to reflect back on the life of Christ! Its been a big boost to have Interviews with President, General Conference, and then Easter Sunday all in a row. It puts into perspective the focus of what I'm doing out here. I follow the instructions I've been given as a missionary, so I can teach people about the Restoration of the Gospel through Prophets and Apostles, who Testify that Jesus is the Christ and that he Lives and Loves us. Its also been cool because the Church released an appendage to the site we share with Investigators to help them learn about the summarizes the last Week of Christ's Life that I've been able to share with people. Its from the Bible Video series that the Church has been shooting. 

The websites are:
Go Check them out!

I also tried to make the Focus in my teaching this past week to have everything focus on Christ. Its been neat to see how I've changed my view of Easter and how I view this time of year. Serving the Lord has blessed me with a greater understanding of How and Why I live the Gospel, instead of just What I do to live it. I think that this transition of thinking has helped me grow more than I had thought possible. I just hope that the People I teach come to that understanding early on and will have a head start when they join.

Which Brings me to another exciting bit of News. There's a family in our ward that I've come to love dearly during my time in Parkersburg. Each Member of it has been a beam of light to me, Especially the Father, Mark. He has just decided to get baptised this Thursday. The rest of his family were members but its taken him a while to accept the Gospel. They live in south sides develop a personal relationship with all of them anyways. Its been so cool to notice how in the Last two weeks he's changed. And I could notice it! I still didn't think it'd be this soon (He announced this last Thursday) But I'm glad I will be able to see this come to pass. Its transfers next week so I might have missed it. 

Well Gotta Run Again! Bye!

Elder Sunada

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