Monday, April 23, 2012

Wedding jitters

Hey Everybody!

Its been a somewhat slow week. Transfer weeks often are. It takes some time to adjust when someone leaves and comes. Even though it was the Southside Elders that got switched, we often work so close together that they are almost and extension of our companionship. Often we are together at least once a day and sometimes more then that.

This weekend was actually cold! It was awesome, though unexpected. But its no where near what its still like back home. I'm pretty excited for Steven's Wedding coming up soon! I expect a full report from those in Attendance!

We were able to pick up a few more investigators this week. I'm still looking to find more of the Elect, or in other words those who will hear us and open their hearts to our message. Most of the time we find new people to teach they aren't really searching too deeply into our message. Just curious. And that's not bad either, But its nice to teach people who are searching Because they really want to know the truth and act on it.
We have a neat opportunity tomorrow. Sis. Newell teaches a sociology class and had invited us to address the Class concerning the Church. We still have to get some more specific Details but it will be nice to be able to teach to a large group of people in a setting where they are interested in what we have to say. Hopefully we'll be able to spark some curiosity and maybe add a few people to our teaching pool.

Aside from that I can't think of too much to add this week. Ya'll take care now yeh hear?!

Elder Sunada

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