Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hot and Cold!‏

The weather here is crazy sometimes. Maybe not as crazy as it is back home. I hear flooding and forestfires are concerns. Here we'll spend 3-4 days in the high 90Fs and even 100Fs! Then these crazy thunderstorms come through and blow everything around. It was really cool the other day actually. We were tracting and I looked off into the distance and Noticed a storm was on its way. We figured we'd have enough time to knock a few doors before it'd hit. The second door we hit we met a really nice lady who knew who we were because her mother had been a member. She told us that the storm was right at our heels but we said we'd be alright. Just then the breach wind hit us and things got super ugly. She then informed us that we did not have a choice and we would be waiting out the storm in her house. We agreed and she hooked us up with a good helping of water melon. I see it as a Sign that Heavenly Father is watching out for us. We were just where we needed to be to be kept safe from that storm when it hit. And While that family wasn't to interested in hearing our message, we had an appointment with a mother and her two sons who was looking for a way to keep her family strong and togther and was so cool to teach! So the work, while slow at sometimes has been progressing and I really think that in the coming weeks we'll have some real potentials for Baptism!
I can't think of anything else too exciting this week. I Love Fireflies though!! They call them Lightening bugs out here. They are so cool!! The first time I saw one a few weeks ago it really tripped me out but they're lots of fun to catch and put in Jars. If I could bring part of the south back home it'd defiantly be them!
I think Next Monday for Pday we are planning to go to Appomattox, the town where the Gen. Lee Surrendered to the Union Army. So I'm excited to hopefully go see some American Civil war sites finally!
Life is going well Down in Gretna. Hope everyone back home is Having a Blast for Summer!!
Elder Sunada

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