Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A little Late...‏

Hey So I didn't get a chance to get an email out yesterday. There are downsides to having a few extra holidays down here in the USA. Yesterday was memorial day, therefore the Libraries were closed and no emails were sent.
Currently I'm in Lynchburg on exchange with Elder Jensen From Lethbridge!!! We're rockin the Canada here now. I'll be back with Elder Fisher in Gretna later tonight.
Its been a great week but super hot and humid. I'll try to write more later on somehow or write some letters out. appoligies for anyone who's had to pay extra postage on any letters I've sent. The Rate went up a nickle on me so now its 80cents instead of 75cents for a letter. Sorry!
We'll just wanted to say a quick all is well and I love the letters/pictures from home!
Elder Sunada

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