Monday, June 6, 2011

Goodbye President & Sister Thornock!

Pres. & Sis. Thornock

Transfer day

I'm travel size

RedNecks are awesome!
Curtis(Grey Ghost), Kym, Kenny, Us, J.J.

Road kill, anyone?

OK 8 mins to write so I'll just have to send this all at once.
Last week we had Zone Conference. Which was Way sweet as we got to go to Buena Vista (pronounced: BYU-NA VIS-TAH) and meet the rest of the Zone. Sadly though this was President Thornocks last visit to the mission, and Likely the last time I'll see him on the mission. :( Sad day. He leaves the end of this month And President Pitt will be here on the 30th of June I think. So some big changes coming up in the mission. It was a great Conference and we watched probably one of the coolest MTC talks by Jeffery R. Holland. It was so intense and made me want to work so much harder.
I hate ticks. They are the worst. I've had to pull 2 out of me so far, as well one day I found up to 5 crawling on me. Nastiest little things... egh. We've been excited for some people we are working with in the Branch though. It was pretty dry when I got here as we only had 1 real investigator on the road to baptism. But as of these past few weeks we've been able to find and teach some good potentials as well as get investigators to church! Yesterday in Fast and testimony meeting an investigator actually got up and bore her testimony of Christ and you could tell that she was feeling the spirit. I'm so excited for all of the people! Country folk are so much nicer, if only slightly more awkward to get along with, but that's all good.
We've been spending a good amount of time with some of the Lynchburg Elders. I'm actually in Lynchburg yet again. We'll be going back to Gretna tonight for some appointments, then back here tomorrow morning for a District meeting. I've been learning lots of cool tricks and life skills out here. Such as how to throw cards, read minds, play crazy red neck games and make egg nog in a blender in June! Missions are pretty great, I highly recommend for anyone thinking about serving the Lord.
Elder Houghton and I are also making big plans for when we get back. He's from Fresno CA, and a pretty rocking dude. We're going to go do a survival hike in Southern Utah, then up to the Canadian Rockies for some Fantastic vista's and climbing!
This past weekend we also went to a small local Event Called Uncle Billys day in Alta Vista. We decided that instead of knocking a bunch of doors with no one home we'd go down and work the crowds. It worked out well as we found some long lost Less active members and now we get to go visit them! Towards the end of the day we did some tracting and found a man who's day we were able to brighten and enlighten. We're going back to teach him next week :)
The Work is great and the cause is Glorious. I'm so Pleased to be out here doing this. I miss you all and would love some mail! I hear there's a postal strike going around in Rotation so hopefully that won't mess too much up.
Catch ya later!
Elder Sunada

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