Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Surprises everywhere!‏

We've had a blast this past week.
Elder Fisher and I both had Birthdays and I finally crossed the Threshold of 20. No Longer a Teen!! What Does that mean? I'm not quite sure. But I'm told the next 10 years should be as much fun, If not much more, That the last 10 years so I'm alright with that.
On Tuesday we had a full day of work, but also some great members who made us and awesome meal. Wednesday we spent time with The Campbells who took us down to the smith mountain lake dam. Sadly it was closed to the public for the time being so we didn't get to tour it, but we had a great picnic and just enjoyed the beautiful weather. I apologize for those in places who may not have been having the most optimal summer weather. I'd trade with you if I could, Cause all this +90F is starting to get to me. But I suppose I'll just have to put up with it ;)
Its also been a funny week as Elder Fisher has been making all the preparations to go home. Its kinda funny to think that he's so close now. Its been bugging him too. He keeps saying that the closer it gets the worse he feels about it. I know he's excited to go but I also understand his hesitancy. Its a Big Change coming and going. Missionary work is so hard but so great. Its a forever Bitter-sweet experience. I'm Glad for it though.
We have some big news coming up though. On June 29th, President and Sis. Thornock go home :( Its going to be a bit of a change but I'm super exacted to see what President Pitt will be like and what he'll bring to the table. Also Grenta will be getting a brand new Mission Vehicle!! This is a pretty rare treat. One that I never considered would happen during my mission experience. I lucked out. Rumor is that it'll be a Jeep SUV. SICK! So hopefully that works out. I'll be driving back to Roanoke for the day to pick up the new Vehicle as well as....MY NEW GREENY...WHOA. I'm going to be training an Elder Fresh from the MTC this Transfer! Its pretty exciting but also pretty scary because my effectiveness as a trainer will heavily influence his effectiveness as a missionary. So far I don't know a darned thing about him. But I imagine I'll get to know him pretty quick on the ride back tomorrow. So I'm going to have to work hard to keep us both on track. An experience to grow for us both.
We'll I gotta Run. Love ya'll!
Elder Sunada

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