Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday Wishes from FB

Jody Holt Vanee Happy Birthday, Elder Sunada!!! Have an AWESOME day!!!
Becca Woodruff Happy Birthday Elder Sunada! I hope you have a wonderful day down there in Virginia!
Melanie Sunada Happy Birthday Kurtie Burt ! Hope you are enjoying your time in virginia ! Miss you tons and can't wait to seee your face =)
Andrea J Vance Happy Birthday Kurt! Hope you are loving Virginia!
Daniel Anderson Happy Bd Kurt!
Julia Rose Sutherland Hey Kurt! i hope you have a lovely birthday!! ♥
Emma Szczuczko Another year past and I still get to be a day older than you! Victory! Hahaha
Cian Wong Happy birthday big guy!
Brittany Rau happy birthday kurt!
Kathleen Ryan-Chow Happy Birthday Brotha from anotha Motha. ;) xoxo
Miya Penrice Miss you kurty Burt! Thinking about family a lot lately and wanting to send you my love! I hope everything is going well in your life...love you cousin:)
Veronica Vargas Holt Happy Birthday Kurt!!!!
Emily Ursenbach Happy Birthday times two!
Wendy Huang Happy Birthday!! =) Have fun and best wishes! Kat
Brittany Leeson SUNNY FREAKING SUNADA!!!! Happy birthday!!!!!!!!! I hope everything is going lovely down in Virginia- cant wait to see you when your back.
Bernice Aasen Happy Birthday Kurt! Hope you have a most wonderful day!
Brent Innes Happy birthday Elder
Wilson Kwan Happy Birthday Kurt!
Siobhan Olfert Happy Birthday Elder Sunada! :D
Heather Holt Hall Happy Birthday, Kurt!
Germaine Benuen Happy Birthday Kurt, and have a wonderful day!!!
Kristy Imahashi Happy birthday Cuz!!!!! Hope you have an awesome day!!!
Lindsay Nichole Greep Happy Birthday Kurt! Miss you!Ashley Ouellette Happy Birthday Kurt! :)
Nancy Wilson happy Birthday, Kurt. Have a wonderful day.
Meghan Rempel Happy birthday Kurt
Makayla Viola Happy Birthday Kurt!!!
Rhys Thornbery Happy Birthday
Bronwyn Olfert French Happy birthday Kurtio!!! Miss you!!!! Samantha Down Happy Birthday Kurty!
Leslie Scott Happy Birthday!Gizette Calixte happy birthday!
Lindsey Sunada happy birthday kruty butt!  miss yea lots!
Kayla Friesen HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
Janelle Locking happy birthdaay !
Krista Ali Hunter Happy Birthday!!
Monica OlmedoIngoldsby Happy Birthday !!!
Keaton Welch happy birthday bud! hope your mish is goin well
Kimberley Kowatch Happy Birthday Kurt!!! WE miss u
Sean Hoey Happy birthday Mr. Birthday-sharer! ;)
Kayla Shea Rodgers HAPPY BIRTHDAY KURT!!!
Sara Baker Tripp Happy Birthday Kurt!!!! :)
Barb Parkinson Happy Birthday Kurt, hope you have a great day :)
Elena Michelle Happy Birthday:)
Caitlin Smigel Happy Birthday! Miss you!! Hope your mish is going great!!
Michael Johancsik Happy Birthday Sunny
Becky Vance Kuuuuuuuuuurt! I miss you! Hope you're having a great birthday :) I'll write you soon!
Kimberly M. Boehmer Happy birthday Sunny! I hope all is well on your mission. :)
Sherissa Kanten Happy birthday Kurt! Miss ya lots.
Mackenzie Chiles Happy birthday! :)
Jonathan Senger Happy Birthday Kurt !
Kayte Barker Umm KURTTT!!! I guess you will get to see this after your mission haha but I hope you are having an amazing birthday!! Happy Birthday ! Miss you so much ! xo
Arron Le Happy birthday Kurt!
Paris L Royal happy bday mane!!!!
Andrew Rigby MR. SUNADA!!! I except your mission of saving the world with you awesomeness will prevent you from reading this for a while. STILL, I wish you a happy birthday and invite you into the Realm of Upstanding Gentleman. Hope you are well and awesome,
Mr. Rigby
Leif-Kylie Arrhenius kurty!!! happy birthday! Hope your mission is the BEST!!!
Patricia WüitreFrözen Avalos Feliz Cumpleaños, Kurt! :) Hopre you're having a good time, wherever you are!  Tons of kisses! :)
Brynae Geurts KURTIS !!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!
Keely Vanderwal happy birthday! see you in a year
Nina Djebbari happy birthday man! have a good one!Naghib Postma happy birthday Mj de Oliveira happy birthday :)
Brittany Stewart Happy birthday!

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