Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm a What?!‏

A Trainer. Weird. Crazy. Cool. and a little Scary. But I'm down with it.
So Tuesday night we spent working in Lynchburg seeing members of the Grenta Branch in hospitals. Both Elder Fisher and I were trying to get over a cold and were pretty stuffed up. He got it a Little worse that I did. And He really didn't want to have it when he got of the Airplane Thursday afternoon. So he took a pretty good dose of NyQuil. Elder Houghton and I were up at 3 Am just starting to get readying for the early day ahead. Elder Fisher runs into the room with his arms spread wide winding back and for and proceeds to tell us about this crazy airplane dream he has. Then he states that he feels a little weird. Elder Houghton and I bust up because Elder Fisher has no clue that he's a little stoned from the Medicine. He shaped up by the time we left for Roanoke.
I love Driving in the early morning hours! It felt good to be able to go on a bit of a road trip again. When we got to Roanoke I got to meet up the elders who were leaving the area. Which means I got to see Elder Conger!! It was sweet. And I got to spend the day In Roanoke with Elder Leah! We had probably one of the best lessons ever, Mostly because his investigator was super sincere and studious. Then we got to go see Danny...WHO GOT BAPTISED!!! YEAH!!!! I was super stoked to spend some time with him.
Finally the Transfer train arrived along with my new car and....ELDER BOLAN from Richmond UT. Its a small town a little north of Logan in the Cache Valley. Darn these Utah Missionaries from Cashe Valley. The more I meet the more they try to convince me that I want to go to Utah State University down there when I get home. Pfft. That would be silly. But its starting to get to me... But yeah he's a pretty chill kid. He Loves Fishing and Hunting. I can still remember pretty well my first few days in the feild. He's in for some wild times and I've been trying to do my best to share with him what I know and be a good example. We have a 7 week transfer ahead of us so hopefully I'll be able to get him well prepared for whatever comes his way. I myself feel like sometimes I don't know hardly anything and its a little scary at times but with continued prayers and Heavenly Father Guidance I think I'll be able to pull through.
Oh! The new car sadly is not a Jeep or an SUV. But It is a Subaru Impreza. A step up in my mind from the Corolla we were driving. Still has the new car smell :)
Sad News. The United states Postal Service stopped accepting Mail to Canada as of June 18th till the Strike is called off :( I'm a little bummed about this. Someone give me a heads up when we get this thing over with. Common Canada! Get To it! Go Petition the the Gov. For me! I'll manage in the mean time though.
In the coming weeks of training I'm really hoping I'll be able to use Elder Bolan's Enthusiasm and Fire to get some good work done. The Mechanics of missionary work is one thing, and they come with time, But right now its the spirit that he carries thats going to lead this work and I'm going to try and feed of that as much as I can.
I love you all for your continued support and prayers. Thanks to those who sent out Birthday wishes! Each one was very much appriciated.
Elder Sunada

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